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Roll up your shirt sleeves perfectly with easycuffs

Why easycuffs?

When we get dressed in the morning, we all want to look our best regardless of whether we’re headed to work, school, socializing with friends, or on a date. At the same time, we want looking good to be quick, easy, and comfortable, because hey, we’ve got things to do! Many men and women struggle to roll up the sleeves of their button down shirts, blouses or sweaters in order to achieve a perfectly crisp and neatly rolled up cuff. It can take multiple attempts to get the desired look (wasting time in the mornings that could be spent sleeping!), and often even the best rolled cuff will come undone throughout the day. Without help, rolled sleeves can look messy, wrinkled, unprofessional, and careless.

easycuffs help you roll up the perfect shirt cuff on the first try, every time for a crisp, clean look that stays comfortably in place all day.

How do easycuffs work?

Once easycuffs are applied to the unrolled shirt cuff, they act as a back bone which helps to roll up the cuff smoothly and evenly resulting in a cleaner look, a cuff with less wrinkles, and greater cuff definition.

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