an accessory to help

roll up your shirt sleeves

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What are

easycuffs are a one-size fits all accessory for men and women that work as a backbone to assist you in rolling your shirt sleeves into a crisp cuff.

  • Assists you in rolling up your sleeves more easily
  • Delivers a clean, crisp cuff on the first time, every time
  • Enhances definition of your shirt cuff
  • Stays in place all day without unrolling
  • Goes unnoticed during wear
  • Comfortable and flexible for all-day wear
  • One size fits all
  • Fits in your wallet for on-the-go storage

Buy easycuffs On Amazon

Our Happy Customers

  • These easycuffs, as the name suggests, were really easy to use and worked great to make my cuffs look sharp and clean! My cuffs normally looked like a crumpled up ball but these really did help make them look great!

    Kevin W
    Florida, USA

  • I love my easycuffs! I have always rolled my sleeves up and now I don’t go a day without them. Such a simple, but great addition to my daily attire.

    Dan B.
    Massachusetts, USA

  • These are great! They allow me to be comfortable while still looking professional with sleeves that are neat and unwrinkled. The material is just right!

    Trent C.
    California, USA

  • Extremely Durable

  • Flexible Material

  • Comfortable Fabric

  • One-Size-Fits-All

  • Goes Unnoticed

2 pairs of easycuffs in each package so you get total of 4 easycuffs

are – you guessed it – easy to use!

Once easycuffs are applied to the unrolled shirt cuff, they act as a back bone which helps to roll up the cuff smoothly and evenly resulting in a cleaner look, a cuff with less wrinkles, and greater cuff definition.

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Buy easycuffs On Amazon

So, how does it work?


Place easycuffs on
top of shirt cuff.


Roll easycuffs to the
desired shirt sleeve height.


Smooth out and wear
comfortably all day!

Buy easycuffs On Amazon